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Real Life with Fake Expectations

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Welcome all who enjoy a good read. I will be as short, and hopefully effective as I can be. The intent for our blogs are to help others in life’s issues. We all face various challenges in life, we all ask ourselves the how or why? I have been a Christian for 10 years now, 4 of which I have served as a Pastor, so to answer the why and how, the answer will always be Jesus. Goodbye.

Kidding aside there is truth to that, Jesus told creation that he was the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). We as believers and follower of Christ hold these words dear. However, I wish I could answer every boring test I have ever had with JESUS!!, maybe then my grammar would have been more better.

Reality is we cannot always use the word Jesus as an answer. Many of life’s issue will constitute us to seek Jesus at a deeper level.

All lame jokes aside, I want to kick off this blog with the Topic of Anxiety, and maybe down the road explore other mind hassles many in the world have. Recently I preached a sermon on faith. I preached on the Centurions faith out of Luke 7.

When you study centurions, and their authority over others. I noticed that this man in the text was a humble man. He had the ability to order Jesus to him instead he pleads and asked for the help of Jesus. Asking for help……….. helps!!……… I know it’s one of those deep revelations.

Why does this matter? Well, we can learn something here, first that the Centurion knew his place spiritually, his ability, and his limits as a human creation. Secondly, he recognized where the real power source was, and third we also learn he did not have to be in control.

What causes anxiety? A short answer again, FEAR.

Fear of the future, fear of our limitations etc. We tend to think the problem is the problem, the debt, the marriage, the kid’s situation, and many more. Reality is that anxiety is rooted in fear. One of those fears is that we are not in control of the situation.

What amplifies this, is the constant comparing to others. Looking at where others are in their life, whether it be in our local churches, or life in general. Prime example is social media. Social Media platforms allow people to post anything for others to see, not necessarily being all that accurate. Selfies at angles can sure make people look like they live a healthier lifestyle than they do (another joke about weight).

People tend to trust in themselves to chase these images or lives of perfection that they see on TV or on the internet. Sadly, many who do this become very ungrateful of what they do have (spouse, cars, money, careers, etc.). This is sad because after all God is the provider of all things (Genesis 22:13).

So, what is the answer to overcome anxiety? JESUS!

Individuals must learn what is real and what is not. Not everything needs to be perfect, like on your favorite Netflix show. After all they are actors. Anxiety can be overcome by simply facing our issues head on with Jesus on our side, being grateful with what we have, and having no fear.

John 8 talks about a woman caught in Adultery, who was about to be killed for her sin. Talk about real anxiety. Yet Jesus finds her in her desperation and anxiety, stoops down to her level to get her attention, at the same time to stop the Pharisees from killing her. He deals with those against her, and then deals with her. He doesn’t excuse her behavior, does not excuse her bad decisions, but he does give her a new chance.

Jesus wants to do the same for anyone who is being drowned by life’s anxieties. A new chance a new breath. This all starts with a simple prayer:

Lord Jesus please forgive me for my ungrateful and fearful heart. I have sinned against you. I pray that you come into my life and change me. Help me. I cannot control any of my situations, but I know you can. Fear I bind you and cast you out in the name of Jesus. From this day forward, I put my full trust in you Jesus. Come into my heart and help me. In Jesus name, Amen.

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