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Obedience and Fullfillment

Hello Reader,

It has been a while, since I last blogged. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this. I recently was inspired to preach a sermon on obedience, and fulfillment. This was inspired from some personal experiences my wife and I went through.

In my sermon I looked at Deuteronomy 28 from about verse 15 onward. I really focused on verses 64-67. In this chapter Moses, makes a call to obedience, but does not hide the consequence of disobedience.

Verses 64-67 keys in on something that is important we forget in disobedience. The word of God tells the reader, that disobedience, brings nothing good. One of the examples of this is when God's word tells us that the disobedience of his children will never bring rest. Never bring fulfillment.

There is something that connects the three disobedience, weariness, and destiny. God knows what we want, we know what God wants (God is not mute), will we obey ? We know the will of God is found in 2 peter 3:9 that none should perish. So to say we don't know what God wants doesn't work.

Christians are faced with many decisions, and its always good to consult with God what we should do, without Gods guidance we really are in the dark, and reacting on emotion, and self interest, rather than Gods interest.

Years ago my wife and I lived in Henderson, NV. The area we lived in was known for having scorpions roam around. At night my son and I would turn on a black light because black lights help spot scorpions (pretty cool). We then would make sure our yard was clean of scorpions. 2 Peter 3:9 could be considered a black light, something that shines in our dark decisions of the unknown. When we make decisions we should ask ourselves, is this taking me away from the Will of God for my life? Will I begin to perish with this decision? Will others perish? Am I perishing because of a past decision? Is my decision being made through the spirit of God or the spirit of self.

Often good Christians make bad choices, can I get an amen!!?? They might not cause us to walk away from God, but they certainly can make us wander off into idleness, and we can become ineffective. I will say people who have disobeyed God, are not wondering why they are in the place they are in. The spirit of God is true and living, and will show us our error, and disobedience.

I just want to encourage any individual who is at the point of disobedience, or past this, to consider a choice. Disobedience causes a world of trouble, but the beauty of Jesus Christ is he is always willing to forgive us and redirect us. This starts with repentance, asking Jesus to forgive us of our disobedience. God can help even the most disobedient (I would know). I encourage you before you make decisions, ask God "Is this your will?" Then ask yourself "Is this really Gods will for my life?" friend God will answer. When God answers its our chance to act in obedience.

Obedience brings blessing and purpose, always. Obedience puts us in the safest place on earth, that place is in God's will. We are safest right in the middle of this. I encourage you to consider what you have read. Ask yourself next time, is this Gods will in my life?

Until Next time God Bless.

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